May 9, 2018


We are pleased to make announcement of the TUMS ASAIHL Award for top researcher in medical fields from Tehran University of Medical Science (TUMS) which is worth about $ 5000.

The award shall be given to research work which has led to significant advances in the fields of health care and scientific research with demonstrated transnational benefits applied to improved patient care, specifically but not limited to the most outstanding recent contribution related to the cause, prevention or treatment of cancer, chronic diseases, cardiovascular disease and musculoskeletal disorders.

Evaluation Metrics
The evaluation would be on scale of 100 points.

  1. The research done cooperatively by the ASAIHL member universities’ research (10 points)
  2. Researcher projects which have received funding from international organizations (20 points)
  3. Researcher/researchers’ H-index based on Scopus data (10 points)
  4. Number of papers derived from the research (10 points)
  5. Number of citations of papers derived from the research (10 points)
  6. The university professors academic degree (10 points)
  7. Researchers who have published their work in one of the TUMS Journal (10 points)
  8. Researchers who have had any educational or researcher cooperation with TUMS such as conducting joint research projects, presenting papers in the conferences held by TUMS etc (10 points)
  9. Researchers of professors who have accepted a TUMS student through shirt courses at their home universities (10 points)

Please send the completed the TUMS Awards Application Form through this link:

For additional information, please contact:
Prof. Dr. Azadeh Shadmehr, Vice Dean for International Affairs, School of Rehabilitation, Tehran University of Medical Sciences
Phone: (9821) 77528468

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