December 13, 2022



The History Student Association of Universitas Padjadjaran held a talk show and virtual museum tour: Exploring Sangiran, the early men site. This activity will be held online on December 2, 2022. The event began with remarks from the Head of Study Program, remarks from the head of Sangiran museum, talk show, virtual museum tour, question and answer session and closing. The Virtual Museum Tour activity was motivated by the pandemic situation in this second year which still resulted in students still not being able to carry out some activities outside their area of residence. This then became the impetus for holding Virtual Museum Tour activities so that History Students could still visit the Museum online with supporting facilities. This activity aims to expand the knowledge of history students through the knowledge provided by the Museum.

One of the objectives of this activity is to explore curiosity about past history coupled with looking at job opportunities in the fields of history and archaeology, as well as providing entertainment and education outside the courses in the history department. In addition, broadening the horizons of History students related to historical relics and historical knowledge contained in the museum. This activity is a forum for students and the general public to make online museum visits and increase knowledge related to past relics and their use for today’s society.




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