Scholarship for Master-Doctoral (Fast Track) by Research at Universitas Padjadjaran, Indonesia : Moleculary Imprinted Polymer(MIP) for Isolation of Ethyl p-methoxycinnamate an Active Compound from Galangal Extract (Kaempferia galanga L.)

This scholarship is funded by Universitas Padjadjaran – Indonesia

Closing Date: 19 July 2021
Subject Areas: Pharmaceutical Sciences

Project Supervisor: Dr. Aliya Nur Hasanah, S.Si., Apt., M.Si

Project Description

Molecularly Imprinted Solid Phase Extracton (MI-SPE) is a solid extraction method with excellent selectivity and is able to provide an active or catalytic side that can bind to molecular targets. This MIP technique has been applied in many fields, such as recognition site for sensor immunoassays and separation techniques (chromatography and SPE). Molecularly imprinted solid phase extraction (MI-SPE) is the most effective MIP application for the selective extraction of a wide variety of sample types. The MIP synthetic polymer was obtained from the copolymerization between the functional monomer and the cross-linker, as well as the addition of templates. After the polymerization process is carried out, the template substance is removed to produce cavity that having the size, shape and conformation of chemical functions that complement with the template. This process, allows MIP to identify and adsorb certain chemical compounds. Ethyl p-methoxycinnmate (EPMS) is an active compound found in galangal (Kaempferia galanga L.) which has been shown to have nematicidal, antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, analgesic, wound healing, anti-angiogenetic and anti-neoplastic activity and is generally isolated from the non- polar with a yield of only 0.7-2.05% after various stages of isolation and various analytical methods including expensive supercritical fluids separation. Currently, the use of MIP for the isolation of active compounds from natural materials is increasing rapidly to simplify the stages of isolating active compounds. This research will conduct the synthesis of molecular imprinted based functional materials which will be synthesized with two polymerization methods commonly used in industry for convenience when the pilot scale is carried out, namely bulk polymerization and suspension polymerization. Synthesis will be carried out by 1)screening the functional monomer with the best interaction, 2)synthesis of the polymer by bulk polymerization and suspension polymerization with two compositions of template: functional monomer: crosslinker, 3) followed by characterization of the analytical performance and physical characterization of the resulting material and 4) application of the functional material for the isolation of ethyl p- methoxycinnamate from galangal extract originating from West Java.


  1. This scholarship is open to candidates of any nationality;
  2. Applicants should hold a minimum of Bachelor’s degree (or its equivalent) in Pharmaceutical Sciences. However, other related discipline with relevant experience will be considered.;
  3. Age limit: Applicants must be under 31 years old;
  4. Minimum GPA of 3.5 (out of 4) or equivalent. Academic transcripts are required from every college you have attended for at least one academic year as a full-time student. Your transcripts should be uploaded as a scanned copy or PDF. Please ensure that the degree conferral date and the degree conferred is clearly visible on the document.
  5. English Language Requirements:
    You need to achieve the minimum scores shown for any of the English language tests below:
    – Minimum overall score for International TOEFL (Paper-Based Test): 525 OR;
    – Minimum overall score for International TOEFL (Internet-Based Test): 70 OR;
    – Minimum overall score for International TOEFL (Computer-Based Test): 190 OR;
    – Minimum overall score for International English Language Testing System (IELTS) Academic: 6.


This scholarship covers:
1. Tuition fees for the Master’s and Doctoral Program in Universitas Padjadjaran;
2. Monthly living allowance IDR 2.500.000 for 4 (four) years during the Doctoral Program;
3. 1 (one) time return airfare ticket to and from Jakarta Indonesia (from and to the candidate’s nearest international airport);
4. Health insurance for 4 (four) years, during the Master’s and Doctoral Program;
5. There will be additional funds available for research expenses for 4 (four) years during the Master’s and Doctoral program.

How to Apply

To apply, please complete and submit the following documents to, and address the email for your application as ‘Padjadjaran Excellence Fastrack Scholarship Aliya Nur Hasanah:

  1. Degree certificates and transcripts;
  2. Two letter of recommendations. Applicants are required to submit two letters of recommendation. These recommendations should be written by people who have supervised you in an academic, employment, or community service setting. Your recommendations should directly address your suitability for admission to a postgraduate program at Universitas Padjadjaran;
  3. Statement of Purpose. Your statement should be typed, single-spaced and should be between two to three pages. Describe your reasons for applying to the proposed program, your preparation for this field of study, and explain why the position particularly matches your skills and experience, and how you choose to develop the project, which may aid the admissions committee in evaluating your motivation for postgraduate study.
  4. 2-page Curriculum Vitae;
  5. Certificate of Proficiency in English; and
  6. Other supporting documents.

If you require any further information with regard to this, please contact