December 15, 2022

Puspa Day Care Unpad Takes Care of Seven Children of Unpad Employees and Students

As a higher education institution, Universitas Padjadjaran has employees of mothers and students who have infants and early childhood. They often face problems in parenting infants and early childhood, such as handing over parenting responsibilities to domestic helpers. However, it is often difficult to find a housekeeper who fits the needs and values of the family.

In such a situation, PUSPA daycare (healthy child care center at Universitas Padjadjaran is an indispensable solution. With PUSPA, mothers of employees and students at Universitas Padjadjaran can work or study without having to worry about their children. They can leave their children at PUSPA, which is a safe and well-maintained place. Thus, PUSPA helps create an environment that supports work and education for mothers and students who have infants or early childhood, and minimizes difficulties that may arise due to the difficulty of finding a domestic helper.

In addition, PUSPA at Universitas Padjadjaran also provides benefits for the development of infants and early childhood. They get attention, affection, biological needs, eat, drink, bed rest, personal hygiene and developmental stimulation, they can interact with their peers, learn in a structured environment, and receive good attention from trained caregivers. This can contribute to children’s growth and development positively.

Students at the Unpad Healthy Child Nurse Center (PUSPA) are children who come from parents as employees, lecturers, S2 students, and the community living around Jatinangor. The number of children registered in July 2022 is 7 children participating in the daycare program and 11 children participating in the ECCE program. The following is a list of names of PUSPA students in 2022.



List of Daycare Children’s Names in 2022







1 2 years 2 month BUMN
2 1 Years 3 Month Employee of Unpad
3 5 Years 8 Month Employee of Unpad
4 4 Years Employee of Unpad
5 2 Years Master Students of Unpad
6 3 Years 2 Month Employee of Unpad
7 1 Years 6 Month Employee of KTNT unpad

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