September 19, 2018

Partnership with Enago – Native Proofreading Service

Universitas Padjadjaran has entered into an agreement with Enago, a leading provider of scientific and academic editing services for the global research community, to help them achieve publication success by improving the quality of their manuscripts. Both Universitas Padjadjaran and Enago will greatly benefit from the association, as the university works to promote and support research activities among its staff.

Because of the collaboration with Enago, faculty and researchers will have a much stronger chance of publishing their work in reputed international journals, which ultimately will ensure that the university’s research objectives are achieved. With researchers getting published worldwide, the university can make certain that its research has far-reaching results.

By offering three levels of support, including a language check, copy editing, and substantive editing, Enago’s team of subject matter experts can help Universitas Padjadjaran researchers and authors meet the high standards necessary for journal submission and publication. In addition, university authors will have access to Enago’s scholarly resources, including tips for writing, submission guidelines, and journal selection principles.

It is our pleasure to inform you, as Enago has partnered with Universitas Padjadjaran (Unpad) for providing Manuscript preparation Services, therefore  the researchers/ faculty members & Ph.D. students from Unpad will have 40 (forty) % discount. Researchers/ faculty members & Ph.D. students will pay the service fee directly to Enago.

To learn more about the partnership, please visit the co-branded Portal:


About Enago

Enago is the trusted name in author services for the global research community. Since 2005, we have worked with researchers in more than 125 countries improving the communication of their research and helping them to achieve success in publication. Enago is a preferred partner for leading publishers, societies, as well as universities worldwide. We have offices in Tokyo, Seoul, Beijing, Shanghai, Istanbul, and New York. Enago operates globally with regional teams supporting researchers locally.


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For more information please contact Direktorat Riset, Pengabdian pada Masyarakat dan Inovasi (DRPMI) Unpad.

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