November 27, 2011

Literasi Media televisi di kalangan Masyarakat Petani di desa Tanjungkamuning Kabupaten Garut

Priyo Subekti, Ssos., Msi Fakultas: FIKOM Sumberdana: LITMUD Tahun: 2011 Abstrak: The study is titled “Media Literacy Television Society Among Farmers In West Village Tarogong Tanjungkamuning Garut”. The goal of research to find out how the public understanding of farmers in the village of Tanjung Kamuning of television programs The research method used is descriptive survey research instrument itself. The results of this study indicate that an understanding television literacy rural communities Tanjungkamuning of impressions-impressions on television is still quite low. The second appears judgments of positive and negative nature of television itself. Suggestions and recommendations drawn from the results of this study should be considered by the Local Government Main Page for information dissemination and training to improve literacy in the community menyikapai impressions-impressions that exist on television. Kata kunci:

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