October 20, 2022

Kabim Unpad held Grow Up with Kabim

Entering the early days of lectures is one of the new things for every student. The campus is one of the facilities and infrastructure for students to develop all abilities and potentials. However, some students, especially students of Bidikmisi, KIP-K, Affirmation, still do not know the abilities and potentials that exist within themselves. This causes confusion and uncertainty about future plans, coupled with the background of those who come from underprivileged families will have an impact on lack of confidence during college. This happened because of the lack of debriefing obtained by new students of Bidikmisi, KIP-K, Affirmations to explore potential and prepare for the lecture period. Therefore, Kabim Unpad Cabinet class of 2022 to be able to get self-briefing through the Grow Up with Kabim activity with the hope that new students of Bidikmisi, KIP-K, Affirmation are able to face the world of lectures with confidence and are able to develop their abilities and potentials so that they can become active students and do more positively.

On this occasion, there were as many as 400 new students of Bidikmisi, KIP-K, and affirmations to be participants in the Grow Up With Kabim activity. The activity will be held on September 10 – October 15, 2022. The purpose of this activity is to help new students of Bidikmisi, KIP-K, and Affirmation class of 2022 Universitas Padjadjaran to find their potential, improve soft skills, and increase self-confidence, and provide knowledge and skills about the world of lectures for students for Bidikmisi, KIP-K, and Affirmation class of 2022. For recording of Grow Up With Kabim Activities can be seen at the following link https://www.youtube.com/live/Q8Sxf61MvEc?feature=shared 


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