December 31, 2022

Guidance and Mentoring of Students and Staff by PKUP Unpad

Universitas Padjadjaran Counseling Center, or Pusat Konseling Universitas Padjadjaran (PKUP), is a counseling service managed by Universitas Padjadjaran Faculty of Psychology. PKUP was established to provide free psychological assistance for Unpad civitas academica, including students, lecturers, and education staffs. Specifically, PKUP has a mission to help and support students in facing academic and life challenges through consultation, counseling, and preventive programs.


PKUP has a variety of consulting and counseling services that consist of: (1) Career guidance and counseling; (2) Learning difficulties; (3) Academic adaptation; (4) Friendship and social interaction; (5) Work and organization; (6) Other psychological problems that require more serious treatment. 

In addition, PKUP also has various preventive programs for students’ mental health, including: (1) Peer counselor; (2) Education routine related to mental health and problems often faced by students; (3) Support/sharing group for students with similar problem (e.g. difficulties in completing thesis and final project).

During 2022, PKUP has helped counsel 255 clients divided into 3 problem areas, namely education 9%, development 12.9%, and clinical 78.1%. In the education sector, people generally complain about difficulties with their thesis and problems in learning. For developmental problems, there are problems in the family and relationships in the social environment that become difficulties. Meanwhile, clinical problems generally involve anxiety and difficulty regulating emotions.



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