May 16, 2019

3rd Forum in Research, Science and Technology (FIRST) 2019

Politeknik Negeri Sriwijaya cordially invite you to participate in the 3rd FIRST (Forum in Research, Science and Technology) 2019 International Conference that will take place at the Excelton Hotel, Palembang – Indonesia on 9-10 October 2019. The theme of the conference is “Integration of Advanced Technology to Enhance Social Welfare”. FIRST 2019 will be conjugated with “Seminar Nasional Aplikasi Teknologi untuk Masyarakat” with the theme: “Penerapan Perkembangan Teknologi untuk Meningkatkan Nilai Ekonomi Masyarakat”.

The 3rd FIRST co-organized by Management and Science University (Malaysia) and National Chin-Yi University Technology (Taiwan).

For more information, please visit this website:

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